About Drift

Thanks for being here!

Drift resembles a place of Sunny dayz + good company. We live on the west coast of Australia where the soul is filled with surf sessions & adventures. We are nature lovers & wanderers, We hope you can respect it as much as we do.

We designed our first throw rug on a road trip in the North West of Australia. When on the search for a rug big enough for the whole family to sit and watch the sunset. Something that was strong enough to connect the sand & red dirt while watching Each other surf.

We hope we have created a community Of like minded people United by a common thread, a thirst for adventure & love for the ocean. Thank you for making our dream a good one.

Drift Surf Co is a project of One Day, a community advocacy and support non government unincorporated not-for-profit private members association.

One Day Mission

One Day has been founded to fulfill projects to support women from all walks of life, in Australia and abroad. Women who are struggling financially, dealing with low socio economic issues such as homelessness, lack of education, lack of employment, domestic violence, family breakdown, indigenous issues, low self esteem and lack of self worth.

The founders of One Day are passionate about creating education, resources, tools, sustainable products to being about change in how women see themselves. Our mottos are: “Mother Nurture”, “Relief of Suffering” and “Working Towards Peace”. Initially we will gain funding from members and the wider community from our members purchasing yoga mats, picnic rugs, nurse scrubs, t-shirts and art projects with indigenous community artists.

We will encourage our members to donate and contribute towards our projects and all money will go back into our association projects. Our designs and messaging is all about promoting and educating about joy and happiness.

This has been something our local and further afield community has needed for a long time and we want to empower women to raise themselves up and feel supported and connected along the way!